Cooking classes

Whether you have never attempted to create an Indian dish or enjoyed mastering delicious recipes.

We at Bühner-Gourmet-Creations (BGC) will take you on the authentic Indian culinary journey, so that you too can experience the fun of cooking an Indian dish with passion and love.

As you may have heard “ love goes through the stomach.”

In our tailored made cooking classes we will teach you the ins and outs of creating Indian dishes, as well as to give you a sneak peek into the secrets of the Indian cuisine, which you will be able to easily recreate at home.

Let us help you unfold that inner chef in you, by letting your imagination, passion and taste buds take you on a tantalizing Indian cuisine journey.

Book your seat today for an exclusive Indian cuisine experience.

BGC looks forward to welcoming you and sharing this experience with you.

Cooking classes schedule 2020, close the pop-up by clicking on the “X”. Register your cooking class by clicking on the picture below. Receive your cooking starter kit on the day of your first cooking class.

Cooking Classes Schedule
Vindaloo 08-May-2020
Chicken Korma 22-May-2020
Butter Chicken 29-May-2020
Breyani 05-June-2020
Chicken Tikka 19-June-2020
Tandoori 03-July-2020