About us

Bühner-Gourmet-Creations focus is to ensure consistent high quality and customer centricity by providing  quality products and perfect mixed spices saving ample time in and out of the kitchen.
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“Take a deep breath and let the spices of India take you on a journey.”

When it comes to cooking an Indian dish, the spices are the essence as this is where the journey begins.

We at Bühner-Gourmet-Creations understand that each cooking experience with the right ingredients and touch of spices can turn into an unforgettable journey of aromas, tingling taste buds and new discoveries.

We will ensure that you will have our all-in-one ready to use spices, chutney, salad sauces and have less things to worry about when creating your next dish.

Helen Miranda Bühner - Gründerin & Inhaberin von BGC

My Story

My name is Helen Bühner, owner and founder of Bühner-Gourmet-Creations.

When I was young I hated cooking and my older sister had to take on this chore. Acquiring the passion for cooking started at a later stage and I am so happy it did. Cooking is an art of inventiveness, where creativity is endless. I have gained that acquired expertise to say cooking a meal makes me happy and content, I love the taste and smell of all the different aromas, which evolve while I prepare the meal. It does not matter which dish you prepare; the end result is all that counts.

Creativity and patience are the virtue, especially when watching that perfect dish unfold. Irrespective, if I prepare a meal for family or friends, I am always overjoyed to see their happy faces while eating that perfect cooked meal. This is the reason why I started Buehner-Goumet-Creations, as I want to share my talent of my spice combination, my chutneys', chili sauce and salad sauce with you and bring that joy that comes with a perfect dish into your home.

My family and friends are convinced and so am I, now you will be convinced!

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