7 ways you can reduce Food Waste in your Home

Did you know that households are currently the biggest source of food waste in Switzerland with a total of 2.6 million tonnes of food waste – that’s 190 kilos per person – of food waste being produced in Switzerland each year. Now that's a whole lot of food going to waste...Currently households are creating vast amounts of food waste simply because many people don't know how to use leftovers to prepare the next meal.
In this Blog I am going to share a few Tips with you of how I prevent waste in my home.
Food waste in Switzerland - climate change and resource waste
1: Have a Son
Have a son; They eat just about anything when they hit those teen years! No, no that’s just a joke, OK let’s get serious now.
The Real Number 1: Store leftover food in Glass containers
Not only are glass containers reusable and the sustainable choice over plastic but being see-through and all they also remind you what you have left in the fridge. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have opened the fridge and found all sorts of leftovers in glass containers which gave me an immediate genius idea for a dinner recipe. On the topic of glass containers, they are perfect for storing curry powder to keep it extra fresh for longer.
2: Freeze those browning bananas and use overly ripe bananas for banana bread, muffins and cake
See those brown spots on your banana? You don’t have much longer until your banana is full of them. To avoid this from happening, simply cut your banana into pieces and store the pieces in the freezer. If you are a fan of a daily morning smoothie like I am, then you will know that frozen bananas are incredible in smoothies.
Your too late and your banana is already full of brown spots... Well it’s time to get out those oven mitts and your bread tray and start baking away. My main ingredient to a perfect moist, rich and delicious banana bread, muffins and banana cake are overly ripe bananas and anyone that has baked banana bread before will tell you the exact same thing.
3: Got not so fresh salad leaves in your fridge?
Leaves that have started turning limp, are perfect for stir-fries. Choose an Asian inspired recipe, toss your lettuce with some sesame oil, garlic and soy sauce and you have a delicious healthy zero-waste meal. Top it all off with one of BGC' Atachars for an extra delicious  flavor boost. 
4: Cheeseboard lovers 
Oh yes, nothing better than a cheeseboard, good company and some white wine to top it all off. But with all that cheese there are almost always leftovers. These cheesy loving bits are perfect for whipping up a delicious and quick white sauce perfect for cheesy pasta, cauliflower or served with a delicious steak.
5: Coconut milk Christmas magic
I absolutely love cooking with coconut Milk, especially for my Thai dishes, which my son can’t get enough of. With the famous winter leftover season, called Christmas, around the corner, left over coconut Milk is a real treat. Mix your leftover coconut milk with icing sugar to make a delicious icing to drizzle over mince pies. Keep an eye out for my Christmas mince pie recipe coming soon.
6: Spice up leftover cooked rice
Fry 1 onion or 1-2 tbsp curry powder and your leftover cooked rice makes for a delicious quick, simple dish topped with your preferred protein such as poached egg, soy, fish or chicken. Top with BGC Chili Sauce for a finishing touch.
7: Prepare a hearty vegetable Soup
With winter lurking, the perfect soup season will be here soon. Got any leftover steamed, roasted or grilled vegetables? Perfect, pop your vegetables in a blender and puree them with chicken broth. Simply transfer to a pot, heat up and season with salt, pepper and any other spices you see fit.


Looking for recipe inspiration to whip up your next delicious meal? Check out BGC recipes and let the cooking adventure begin.


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Now that you know my secrets to avoiding food waste at home, I would love to know yours. Comment on the blog below and let me know how you use your leftovers to prevent food waste.




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