What to do when a Curry is too Spicy

Ever prepared a curry and while tasting it noticing that it is far too spicy? Don't worry it happens to the best of us and luckily there are quite a few things one can do to save that spicy dish and of course also the mouths of those that will be eating your food. :)
1) Dairy to the rescue
The one that I love to use - Dairy. Ever heard the term drink a glass of milk when eating something spicy? Well that exactly is the trick here.Yogurt or cream are both great but I usually prefer yogurt, it has the same effect on the spiciness whilst being healthier than cream.
2) Coconut Milk delight
Don’t like Dairy? No problem at all, coconut Milk is just as great to bring down the heat in your curry. It also adds a delicious creamy touch.
3) Add a sweet touch
A pinch of sugar can do the trick too. Be sure to really just keep it to a pinch to not alter the taste id the curry.
4) An acidic carrot salad on the side
I love serving my curries with a carrot salad on the side with an acidic salad sauce. The acidic dressing helps to settle the heat while the salads main ingredient - carrots add an additional hot spice repellent-.
p.s a cucumber salad would also do the trick.   
5) Use a ready to use spicemix in your curry
Often when mixing together ones own spice mixes, it can easily happen the too much chili powder or other herbs and spices are added. Ready to use spice blends for your curries, such as BGC’s are a great way of preventing cooking a curry that's too spicy. BGC's ready to use spice mixes for all sorts of curries such as Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka and Butter chicken will ensure that your curry is never too spicy or lacking flavor but perfect every single time.
What to do when a curry is too spicy - BGC tipps and tricks and Free Recipes - Buehner-Gourmet-Creations Switzerland

Looking for recipe inspiration to use your BGC ready to use spice mix? Check out our range of recipes that will guide youth preparing a curry your whole family will love.

Enjoy your next home cooking adventure and stay up to date with new recipes and cooking trick on BGC's Social Media.


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