My 5 secrets to a Perfect Curry

Smell the versatile aromas infusing your house and look forward to enjoying that first bite of your perfectly spiced curry - this is exactly what you can expect to look forward to when preparing your own curry at home and becoming a skilled Indian cuisine home cook.
No matter if I am preparing Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken or just a normal Chicken Curry (my personal favorite), as soon as the aromas escape my kitchen and find their way to my son and husband, the first question that follows with a big smile, is when the food will be done.
My friends and family ask me all the time what my secret is for cooking a perfect Curry and this frequently asked question gave me the idea to share my Tips and Tricks with all of you.
Chicken Curry with Naan Bread - BGC - Buehner-Gourmet-Creations
Let’s get started with the first secret, the powerful trio.
Secret 1: Never forget the powerful Trio: Onion, Ginger and Garlic
This powerful trio will become the base flavor for your curry. Although some people like to cook these three only until they have started softening, my secret is cooking them a bit longer until they start caramelizing. This does not only add a richer flavor but also creates a beautiful more intense color in your curry.
Secret 2: Love your spices
A curry is all about the spices and you need to be extra generous with your spices when cooking. It can be quite intimidating and very time-consuming running through a supermarket trying to collect all the different spices and choosing from all the various curry powders there are. This used to drive me insane and was a big inspiration for creating my own curry mixes to make my cooking journey easier. At BGC we have a variety of ready to use spice mixes for different curries, take your pick and enjoy an easier, convenient cooking journey.
Secret 3: Yogurt is my go-to thickener 
I love using plain yogurt as a thicker. There are so many varieties now a days, even Dairy free ones, which I can assure you are just as good. I have in fact started using dairy free yogurt in my curry when one of my daughters come to visit. So, don’t worry, it’s just as good as dairy yogurt. What’s so great about plain yogurt, is that it does not alter the taste and is a healthier alternative to cream but still adds a delicious creamy texture.
Secret 4: Don’t forget the Chili 
If you are using one my BGC curry mixes, they will already have chili mixed into them. However, for an extra spice boost, don’t be afraid to chop up a Chili or two and incorporate them into your curry. Curry sauce is also a great way of incorporating that extra spice, which also often adds a lot more flavor, a beautiful color and fragrance to your curries. I never go without adding a teaspoon of my BGC Chili sauce to add that extra bite.
Secret 5: Never leave out the oil 
Some have the misconception that curries are quite unhealthy due to all the oil used. Now this is not true for this Indian dish, as your curry should never be swimming in oil. If this is the case, you have used to much oil. I also like to use healthier alternatives such as peanut oil which my son absolutely loves in curry. It gives curry a bit of a mystery and the taste of a hint of peanuts.
Bonus Secret
Curry is always better the next day. Sometimes, especially when having friends over for curry evenings, I even make my curry the night before. But watch out, curry is also spicier the next day.


BGC 5 secrets to a perfect curry - Indian cooking/recipes and spices


Now that I have shared all my secrets with you, I hope that the next time you are in the mood for an Indian meal, that you pass on the Indian restaurant and cook up your own home-made dish. Soon you will become your own favorite Indian restaurant. Now, at this point I have built up quite a craving for chicken Korma, so I’m going to head to the kitchen, grab my BGC Korma ready to use  spice mix and get started.
Are you also feeling inspired to cook up a good curry today? Have a look at BGC recipes and let your cooking adventure begin. 
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Happy Currying everyone :)





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