The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

How true this is!


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    Bühner-Gourmet-Creations has that perfect spice combination, Chutney and Chilli sauce selection to spice up your meal, as well as the perfect salad sauce to add that final touch.

    Join our cooking classes and experience Indian Cuisine.

    Bühner-Gourmet-Creations (BGC) focus is to ensure consistent high quality and customer centricity by providing quality products and perfect mixed spices saving ample time in and out of the kitchen.

    BGC places high value on environmental sustainability, therefore we only use recyclable packaging and organic products.

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Experience The Best Food

  • Chutney
    A perfect spicy combination which adds zest to every dish.
    Chilli Sauce
    Can be used for cooking, or a marinade or just a perfect dip for a spicy experience.
    Salad Sauce
    “Variety is the spice of life” and we have just the perfect salad mix for every dish.
  • Spices
    “Food pairing”, that is what I call it, the meal you prepare is as important as the meal itself and our spice combination is a must for every dish.
    Time for a sneak peek into BGC secret recipes.
    Cooking Classes
    Time to unfold that inner chef in you, book your seat today.


Our selection of Chutney will add a perfect touch to every dish, it does not matter if you have prepared meat, fish or vegetables or maybe just a salad for those hot summer days,  we have the right mix for that perfect meal.

Chilli Sauce

Our Chilli Sauce is a “must have” on your shopping list.  Add Zest to your meals with our delicious chilli sauce.  This is a perfect blend which can be combined with any meal which is not just spicy but also very tasty.

Salad Sauce

Our salad sauce selection is just the right mix with a perfect touch for your salad creation. We have a variety to choose from depending on what your meal plan is. 


  • what our clients say

    I really enjoy using BGC spice mix, no hustle to buy additional spices. To top it all, no need to search the internet or cook books for the recipes, BGC provides that as well. Thank you Bühner-Gourmet-Creations. I also combine the salad sauce and atchar with the food which I prepare. This is so special. I am looking forward to the cooking classes.

  • what our clients say

    BGC really saves me time and money, I love the flavourful combination, and so does my family.

  • what our clients say

    The salad sauce is definitely different from the rest, different flavours to choose from. I can combine with the different dishes which I prepare and this is just awesome.

  • what our clients say

    I love the spicy atchar’s and chilli sauce, thank you BGC.

  • what our clients say

    I tried many other salad sauces but Bühner-Gourmet-Creations salad sauce tops the rest, simply the best.

  • what our clients say

    BGC Products are just delicious. I had the egg and gluten-free salad sauce for lunch, the atchar and chili sauce for the dinner. Mega Mega fine, even the masala mix.